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Best material quality

Materials used in constructions are a guarantee for long lasting of our products.

Many colors and textures

Take a look at our color and texture catalog. In the future, we will try to show you all products listed on this website in all available colors.

Fast manufacturing

All the products are made in our factory, with unified quality.

Fast delivery

Most of the products we have in our storage and for custom products waiting time is not longer than 5 days.

You have custom demand?

Call us, we have a solution for you.

From 1992. untill now, at fairs at home and abroad have been awarded over 70 awards and plaques for outstanding quality and innovation.
In collaboration with the strongest manufacturers we can offer a huge selection of colors and textures that will fit into any space.
Use the main menu to see our standard offer. For more details and information see the contact page
The main trends in the development of IT technology we enable our visitors to review our offer on tablet devices and mobile phones.