About us


The " Blažeks " was established as a family manufactures in 1990 , and a year later produced the first chair . Terms of business during the '90s were unfavorable and unstable , but Blažeks itself in these most difficult years of asking the solid foundation company , whose business policy based on respect for customers and their requirements , consideration of the needs of the environment and our business partners , and competitors with respect rules of fair play in competition . It can be said that the turning point in the first years of operation BLAŽEKS a debut at the Furniture Fair in Belgrade , 1993. Since then Blažeks recorded continuous growth , the increase in output and employment.

In the mid 90's Blažeks from initial few models of chairs had been offered 20 or so models, and has been formed in cooperation with architects and furniture designers , to track global trends in interior office space. The product range was further expanded in 1997 when it launched production of chairs for furnishing hall , cinema halls , auditoriums . The farm in Kutlovo built new facilities , and the largest production facility was completed 2,001th year. Two years later ( 2003). , The conditions were created for the new business move - starting production furniture pieces .

Today , Blažeks is recognizable in the field of production of office furniture , furniture for congress and sports hall , cinema and theater halls ; furnishing hotels , restaurants and public spaces ; production of telescopic bleachers. Business enterprises Blažeks based on ongoing commitment to design and manufacture adapt to modern trends in interior office spaces. This type of policy monitoring and investing in human resources, and improve quality .

Monitoring of the market and specific customer requirements , BLAŽEKS felt the need for the introduction of a new line of home furniture , which he called Fittings and which sold through two sales channels, mass production and furniture to order . In the first case , the products are standardized in terms of designs , patterns , shapes and reasonably priced and the same are available to the end consumer through a network of showrooms in the territory of Serbia and the former Yugoslav countries. For the category of customers with refined requirements in terms of design , pattern , shape , quality, Blažeks the same goes with a team of architects , engineers , editors . We offer complete and cooperation with world-renowned manufacturer of parts for the production of furniture , " Kronospan " , " Egger " , " FunderMax " , " Bloom " , " FGV " , " Blanco " Bosch, Siemens.

BLAŽEKS showrooms are located in Kragujevac and Belgrade, and respect for ergonomics standards and insistence on quality and functionality of furniture resulted in the formation of an impressive reference list , of which only a part of: furnishing the apartment in Vrnjačkoj Spa and Zlatibor , opremnaje hotels, restaurants , cafes, individual houses ...

Construction of production facilities in Kutlovo , BLAŽEKS company hired the local young people and prevent them from leaving the village .
Blažeks gladly accepted to sponsor sporting events , donor churches , schools and health facilities .
He supported the sponsorship of doctors going on training abroad , students go to Moscow to compete , invest in scholarships for the education of future young professionals.

Business BLAŽEKS accompanied by a high level of environmental awareness .
In production use materials purchased from certified suppliers . No waste harmful to the environment , the unused wood is used for the generation of heat , and the metal recycled.


Plans to expand production and further development of monitoring and decision to build a new manufacturing plant in Kutlovo . Provided the land on which to build a new modern factory in accordance with the highest standards of modern business. The new manufacturing facility will include 7,000 m2 and will be equipped with the latest machinery and auxiliary equipment.

Blažeks company is 100% owned by the family Vasiljevic . The family is still together, still engaged in the functions of top management , and is willing to work with their employees step into the third decade of the new business challenges that it brings the world market.